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Provide a Service/Software That's VITAL to
ANY Business's Success (Sell as Your Own)

Get More FIVE STAR Reviews for ANY Business with this Simple Software

 Perfect For…

….and a lot more!

Get Immediate Notifications by Email

Easy to Brand with Any Business Logo

Add your Custom Text on Reception Page

Retain Comments & Emails in Dashboard

Easy to Use For Non-WP Sites as well

Dashboard Keeps Track of All Responses

Provide Customers a way to be heard by the any business..

Your Personalized Video can Guide and Nurture Reviews

You and Your Client Can Monitor Business Reviews in Real Time

Create a Google Review Link for Any Business at All

Offer As A Service, Collect Monthly from Unlimited Clients

Fastest Growing Local Service - Control Reviews Like a Boss

SIMPLE FACT: Happy Customers Don't Write Reviews Because They...

That's What Makes This Service So Easy To Provide!!

Businesses Know they NEED Good Reviews but Don’t Know Where To Start..

Take just one Industry for instance.. Medical Offices – Dentists in specific, if you’ve been working with local business at all you know that dentists are offered a ton of options to help with their reviews/reputation .. Most of these High Priced Recurring Services offer a 3rd party site that collects reviews, but doesn’t truly help with the company’s Reputation and Ranking in Google (what the business really needs)..

Local businesses have to use these services (and Pay the High Monthly Fees) because Google Will Only Get Tougher on Businesses with Bad Reviews.

You Can Help! With this simple software you can Create a Controlled “Review Funnel” to Ask, Remind and Guide customers through writing a review on the platform that matters most Google.. PLUS: Your Clients can Intercept and Privately Respond to unhappy customers Before they bad-mouth the business, while starting the nurturing process at the most important time – When the unhappy customer wants to be heard..

Hi, Nick Mancuso here...

Welcome to the release of the "LOCAL REVIEW PRO" With PLR Rights!

For those that may not know me, I’ve been a product creator for over 15 years and for 10 years prior to that, a professional marketing consultant (Offliner) helping all types of businesses in all types of industries.. Everything from local businesses to corporate/national companies.. So I’ve been working in business marketing Offline and Online for over 20 years now..

But it doesn’t take a lot of experience to understand that (now more than ever) a company’s reputation is probably the most important aspect to their online presence.. Large or Local; Reputation Effects New Sales and Existing Revenue as well as a business’s all important Google Rankings (the largest, most frequently used search platform there is)..

Just think about what you do first when considering who you or your family will do business with.. Whether it’s a Doctor, Restaurant, Attorney, Contractor, Child services or really any business.. you first look at their reviews and their overall reputation, and you most likely start with a search and their Google Reviews (like most everyone online)..

So you can see, A Good Business Reputation is not only important for NEW Customers to have trust, but it’s also become essential for a Company’s Exposure on the The Worlds Largest Business Directory (because Google wants to provide it’s users with the best options/search results, to maintain their own position as leader in the marketplace)..

Realizing all this, we wanted to create a tool that businesses can use to help with the most important aspect of their online presence.. We spent thousand to have this developed for our personal agency use and to sell to other marketers (achieving a five figure launch when we released this a few years ago).. Since then It’s been tried, tested and proven to help boost positive Google reviews consistently.. Always a Good Seller into Any Market..

Works for Any Business too!.. With this Software Installed Businesses simply ask the customer for their feedback and provide a link to the review/ratings page.. They can even use the Video Enabled Welcome Page to provide a personal greeting before their customers leave the review.

User’s can even Charge Monthly for This Service.. Set and Forget Easy.. Install it Once and Let the Client Deal with The Low Reviews when they happen, While Charging Businesses a Recurring Fee – Easy Sale because it’s so much less than the other reputation services as well.. A valuable online service that businesses Always Need..

And Now for a Limited Time Only, You’re Getting Full PLR Rights to Sell this Software Under Your Own Name.. Done for You Reputation and Review Management Software FOR ANY BUSINESS WITH A WEBSITE.. Sell as your own to Unlimited Customers (with this Limited License you could Even Sell Re-Sell Rights)..  Plus we’re giving you a Proven to Convert Sales Page so you could Start Re-selling This Software Tomorrow.. 




Admin Dashboard Retains Customer Comments

Your Client Gets Alerted Immediately of a Low Review via Email.. They’ll have access to all customers comments so they can respond, when it counts most (you get Paid Monthly for giving them the ability to do so)

Collect and Respond to Feedback from Customers

*All the feedback below a rating of 4 are collected in the feedback section where your client can review them and take action.

Easy to Use On Non-WP Websites​

Software Will Automatically Generate an “External Link”.  Use on ANY Site.. (Use this function for clients with non-wp websites to direct their visitors and potential reviewers to your Local Review Pro Set-Up)

Get Review Link To Share on Non WP Websites too

*Instantly Generate a review link for the business – Use it on any WordPress or Non-WordPress website..

Set-Up Is Quick and Easy​

Here’s a quick preview of what’s inside:

Enter Business Information

Start typing in the name of the business, and you can pick your target business from an autosuggested list. The review link is generated automatically.

Enter Visibility Settings – Set Your Links to Show How You Like

Choose where to show and to not show your review button on the site.

Customize the Review Button & Where it to Shows on the page

Customize the review button and choose where it shows on the page.

Customize the Rating Page – Match it to the Business, Add a Personalized Video and more

Brand the rating page with a Company Logo and Colors. Enter your own Personalized YouTube video asking your customers to leave a review.

Customize the Review Page – Add a Video, Set Where You Want The Alerts To Go and more

Brand the review feedback page with your logo and a personalized YouTube video. Collect feedback from customers along with their contact details. You can also send a copy of the feedback to additional e-mail addresses.

Here are the facts: If someone wants to say something bad about a business they’ll find a way.. But another fact stands as well, most will be happy sounding off to management and most will also be satisfied by a prompt response from the business.. In most cases unsatisfied customers/reviewers have no other outlet to be heard by the business (Until Now)!

What this tool does is curb the unnecessary negative reviews (which turns out to be most of them) because there’s no other way to vent.. It’s a fact that a Business with out a plan to control their negative reviews will end up with more than a businesses that has a plan.. The idea here is to Protect the most vulnerable (and damaging) effects of negative reviews, and not to let those reviews damage the overall stature of a business in Google’s eyes (ie: Rankings).. Which could be detrimental to a local businesses..

Plus, it’s proven fact that the more direct attention a business can give to negative issues as they arise, the easier it will be to maintain a good business reputation. That’s exactly what this easy to use software does..

Use For ANY Business Website (Not Just WP Sites)

Boost, Control & Protect the Reviews of ANY Business in ANY Market using this plugin.
Works for BOTH WordPress and Non-Wordpress websites alike.

Install this on your website.. Then give a “review funnel” link to your client to Put Anywhere on their (non-wp) site. Or they could share it (as shown).

The functions take place on a site you control while you charge monthly for access to a reputation dashboard to help them manage their reputation.

Sample: Convert the link to a QR code easily with any of the hundreds of QR code generators online and use it for any business to generate reviews.

There's Many Ways to Drive Reviews to Your Client's Review Link...

…and a lot more! The sky is the limit with some creativity!

Increase New Revenue

Presenting Proven Powerful Influential Positive Reviews People Trust..

Maintain Current Customers/Revenue

Letting the Business Manage Any Issues when they First Occur (Nurturing unhappy customers is proven to work to Rectify Bad Experiences).

Boost SEO Ranking Benefits

Let Google Lead the Best Prospects to the Front Door of Any Business..

Site Engagement Benefits

Most sites still don’t provide away to comment on the customers experience

This Software Focuses on “Google Reviews” because they count the most..

It’s the most widely used source of reviews for web users… and has a direct effect on a company’s search engine standings..

Solve An Easy Problem / Provide a Needed Service: As large as the phenomenon of “electronic word of mouth” is, 80% of its 500 billion annual impressions are produced by just 16% of online consumers. So Why Don’t More Happy and Fair-Minded Consumers Share Their Positive Experiences Online?


Studies Show Only Small Obstacles can Stop Happy Customers from Leaving Positive Reviews..  Sometimes just the Three Steps Google has for leaving a review will deter positive reviews..

Now you can REMOVE the First TWO STEPS – Drop Your Reviewers Strait Off at “Leave a Review”.. Another feature that makes this plug-in the Easiest Way to get Positive Reviews, Increase Customer Engagement and Help Boost Business Rankings in Google..

Now YOU Can Re-Sell an Essential Tool
That Makes a Difference for Any Business..

The importance of reputation management can not be under estimated in 2021.. As more and more consumers search for products online every day, they are increasingly dependent on reviews and ratings when deciding on what products and services to purchase.

It’s essential to ensure a positive business reputation online, especially on popular sites such as Google (not to mention the damage that’s done to a business’s search rankings with too many negative reviews).. 

The bottom line is, more positive reviews will help any business establish credibility, gain a search rankings edge over the competitors, attract new customers to the business and increase sales. That’s why this software has a Huge and Growing Built-in Buyer Base and Will Be in High Demand in All Markets for years to come.


All of the Top Marketers Sell Software for a Reason..  Besides Providing Instant Marketing Authority, Selling your own software has Proven to be the Most Reliable Method to Generate Big Profits Online because it Converts Better than other digital products (like ebooks, video training etc)..

But software development takes a lot of time and a lot of money! Generally, selling software has been reserved for marketers with deep pockets. But Today for the First Time Ever in the Warrior Marketing Space.. We’re making this Agency-Grade Reputation Management Software Available with Full PLR Rights!!

Private Label Rights Software with Resell Rights Ready To Re-Sell Today!!

Like Having it Completely Outsourced.. Now you can Own Your Own Software Product, without the headaches of:

…and the rest of the hassles!

Thousands Spent – Everything Done For You. No Hassles, Ready to Sell Today!!  Since it comes with full PLR rights, you can sell it over and over, and you Keep 100% of the Profits From Every Sale you make. Purchase just once and Sell Unlimited Copies for as long as you want. 

We’ve made it super simple for you to Start Re-Selling this High Quality Software Today.. You Won’t Have to Invest Months of Your Time and Spend Thousands of Dollars to have This Software Developed and Tested, we’ve done all that for you.. And to ensure you succeed, we’re going to Provide a DFY Sales Page that’s Proven To Convert.

We're Including This Proven DFY Sales Page
(you get the page you're on right now)




**NOTE: This is NOT a SaaS Platform, where you get limited “licenses” to re-sell..  You Will Receive Software Files, Installation is Easy (just like any plug-in) and the Video Training Holds Your Hand as well.. So You Can Sell This product UNLIMITED  Times..  You’ll Have Full Ownership and Control of the actual software files in this product..



Means You Can Sell It To Others Under Your Own Name

Note: There should be a $27 Minimum Sale Price if Using as a Paid Bonus  /  Not to be Given Away

** You Could Even Sell it to Other Marketers on platforms like Warrior Plus, JVZ, Clickbank and others



#1) Reputation Management Blog w/Auto Content Curation

Professionally Designed, Up To The Minute Content, Lead Pulling, Video Enabled


... and a lot more!

#2) Reputation Management Agency Lead-Gen Video

Agency Sales Generation Video to Showcase Services & Increase Opt-Ins

#3) Reputation Management Checklist

Rep Management Checklist (Lead-Bait) Word & PDF

#4) 100 Reputation Management PLR Articles

DFY Articles / Perfect To Create Traffic Pulling Content

What's included?

Let's Recap ALL That You Get!

Real World Value of Over $2500

Full Re-Sellers Rights Included Now

Act Now and Get the Rights To Sell This Software to UNLIMITED Buyers..

Common Questions Our Customers Ask

Can I Re-Sell this To Unlimited Buyers?

Yes, You Can Sell It To Others Under Your Own Name. During this limited Launch Special you'll get Full PLR
Re-Seller Rights, you could Even Sell it to Other Marketers (see above for more detail).

Is This Licensed Access to a SaaS Platform

NO, You will Actually Receive the Plug-In Script Files, so
you have Full Control how you Package and Distribute
Your Software Product with the ability to Sell it Unlimited Times to Unlimited Buyers.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes for 30 days, and Only for Technical Reasons.
Which means if you (the original buyer) have a
technical problem with the software and we can't
fix it we'll be happy to refund your purchase.

Do I Need WordPress?

While You Do Need WP To Set Up Your Software,
the End User Can Use this with Any Existing Website
(WP or Not) just by linking back to the Local Review
Pro set up (see above for more detail).

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